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When I, after lazily mulling around the proposition for months, finally decided that I was going to relaunch my blog, the most important factor for me to consider was simple. How would this fresh start be different from the last, or the one before that? What would I be doing to make The Curly Effect better? Something I could really be proud of?

The answer was just as simple, after taking the time to sort out. I started this blog because I wanted to fill a void in the fashion blogger community that affected me: the distinct lack of voices of color and diversity in collaborative fashion spaces. Scrolling through blogs, magazines, and other forums I admired: Man Repeller, Rookie, Refinery29 had so much to do with shaping my interest in fashion blogging, but also left me feeling somewhat excluded. Like an outsider looking in, nose pressed to the glass. Of course there were writers of color, and contributions of young women like me. It was just that you had to search so hard to find them, it sometimes felt like they weren’t even there.

By adding submissions to my blog, I want to add an element to a personal fashion blog that I always wished I had seen more when I was younger. I want The Curly Effect to not only be a representation of me, but a place where other people can share what fashion means to them. Whether these people are my personal friends, or someone who lives a thousand miles away that I’ve never met, it’s hard to find somewhere where everyone has a place and a voice, no matter the industry. I want my blog to be one of those places.

For every category of my blog, I’ll be taking submissions every month to post. I know that it is an ambitious undertaking to open my blog up to those who read it, and perhaps even more ambitious to assume anyone will even be interested in sending anything in at all….but what can I say? I’m an ambitious person. You kind of have to be, I’ve learned, to make it in fashion.

 Whether a paragraph on why a hand me down strand of pearls make you feel confident, or a photo essay on the importance of your signature wardrobe staple, I want to hear it all. Seriously.


With any submissions 🍒 email me [] or submit your work here:

Hope to be hearing from you soon.

Love, N.